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  About Bryco
  In 1989, musician and entrepreneur, Brian Bielski realized there was a need for high quality, well designed DAT storage solutions to meet the needs of recording industry professionals, Brian founded Bryco products and introduced the DATRAX 60 as his flagship product.

Today, this beautiful solid oak rack remains one of Bryco's most popular products. In 1991 the product line evolved to include an injection molded version of the original DATRAX.
Both of these products remain in the catalog, reflecting Bryco's commitment to continuity in the product line. As the market evolved and computer data storage became essential, additional products were introduced. These include cases for CDs, 4mm DAT, Hi-8, 8mm, 8mm Pro, audio cassette, miniDisc, miniDV and custom cases. There is now a Bryco product for almost every conceivable storage and archival need. With Bryco Products you are assured the highest quality, superior customer support, and continued product availability.

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